First Epoch: 1907-1917 Years of First Flights: piloting and observing.

In this time period, the first Wright Brothers plane was purchased by the US Army Signal Corps, quickly followed by a Curtiss and a number of others aeroplanes: all with the idea in mind, to just to learn to fly. Navigation was barely a thought althoughpilotage navigation was common to all whereby the pilot and observer navigated by maintaining visual contact with the terrain around them. The first aircraft compasses, driftmeters and bombsites were also developed during this period. And too, research was being conducted in the area of use of a new device called the radio. The aeroplane itself was creating an entirely new set of technologies to do with flight and flight navigation. By 1917 the US Army Signal Corps had created only one aircraft, the JN-4 "Jenny" trainer. Meanwhile the European nations had fully generated multitudes of planes for a number of different military missions: fighters, bombers and observation aeroplanes.

Navigator developments in this period:

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