Fourth Epoch: 1939-1945 Global Air Warfare: Utilized Aircraft and Flight Crews:

Early in this period the US started to seriously consider war preparations and later fought WW-II. Navigators, observers and bombardiers by the tens-of-thousands were needed. December 1941,WW-II was on for the USA. Aircraft type and production rates and pilot numbers determined the number of navigators, bombardiers and gunners to be trained. The Army Air Corps (AAC), renamed the Army Air Force (AAF) June 20, 1941 trained during WW-II over 45,000 navigators and 50,000 bombardiers. The greatest number of planes, cargo and bombers, required navigators. Radar navigation, radar bombardment and electronic aided navigation became universally utilized. The AAF developed some 18 airplanes that went in to production and many more test prototype planes during this period.

Navigator developments in this period:

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