Fifth Epoch: 1946-1962 A Cold War with a Hot Nuclear Arms Race:

The Cold War dominated this period. Six American spies, socially related, from the New York-NY area gave to the USSR's communist leadership the secrets of the atomic bomb from the Manhattan Engineering District Project. These traitors gave to the USSR the ability to quickly match the Free World in nuclear weapons power. Thus they greatly enabled theCold War to be launched against the USA. Strategic Air Command (SAC) came into being in 1946 and theStrategic Bomber became the prevailing weapon. The US faced an adversary equally and as terrible armed; first with a strategic bomber fleet, and later with intercontinental range ballistic missiles. Both Communist and Democratic powers became technically capable of delivering nuclear warheads to far distant targets. Thousands of nuclear warheads were manufactured by both sides. Air breathing cruise missiles such as the Matador, Mace and Snark were deployed, and a longer range model, the Navaho was tested. The first radio-beacon satellites were placed into low orbits. Strategic Air Command (SAC) gained command of over 2,000 nuclear laden bombers. Along with the bombers SAC crewed large fleets of in-flight refueling tankers. Both of these aircraft fleets required navigators and/or navigator-bombardiers. Most of the navigators and bombardiers were Aviation Cadets who were trained at Ellington, Harlingen, James Connally and Mather Air Force Bases. The USAF developed some 33 airplanes during this period. A small number of intermediate range ballistic missiles (IRBMs) such as the Redstone (an Army Missile), Jupiter and Thor were also deployed.

Navigator developments in this period:

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