Waco and Meridian

I was looking at your web site and this story came to mind. I was in 60-15 at Connally and we were flying the T-29 for training missions. Since you were in 65-09 this will probably ring true and bring back some memories. We had several nav training routes that were flown mostly depending on weather. One of those routes was between Waco and Meridian, Mississippi. While I can't remember the total number of training missions we flew, it was quite a flew during which, as you know, we practiced or were tested on our knowledge of various navigation tools and procedures. Well, it seems that one of the flights in our class flew every single mission between Waco and Meridian. At graduation we were, of course, presented our wings. One of the guys from that filght had the following engraved on the back of his wings: Good only between Waco, TX and Meridian, MS.  Before the class broke up and we left on our various assignments, we had a going away party. This story is my remembrance of that party and the good times we had during our training.