This page provides links to navigator stories of memorable missions.  For the most part, the stories are in the Nav's words, I only corrected, as needed, for grammar and spelling.  They do make for interesting reading.

C-124 training mission ( by Mike Radowski Connally Cadet Class 65-09

C-47 ferry mission (by Mike Radowski, Connally Cadet Class 65-09)

101st Airborne (by Mike Radowski, Connally Cadet class 65-09)

Say Cheese, Mr. Russkie, you're on camera (Alex Brewer, Jr. LtCol USAF Ret)

We were the Bait. (Alex Brewer, Jr. LtCol USAF Ret)

I'm only the Nav, I had nothing to do with that landing! (Alex Brewer, Jr. LtCol USAF Ret)

Cockpit Resource Management (Bill Day, Harlingen 61-09)

Waco to Meridian (Rick Weintraub, Connally 60-15)

The Wheelhat Check Ride (Ron Barrett, Connally 62-15)

Normal Mission turns to Rescue (Richard Newsome, Mather 68-13)

Navigators vs Pilots (Philip A Rowe, 54-06)

I Lost the Secrets (Dick Goodwin, Harlingen 61-4)

Air Transport Nuclear Navs (Ron Barrett, Connally 62-15)

"Alone, Unarmed and Unafraid" (Alex Brewer, Jr, Ellington Class 52-07C)

Getting ready for war! (Cuban Missile Crisis) (Bill Day, Harlingen 61-09)

Top Secret North Korea Troop Drop (Eugene A. Scalise - Ellington 44-10)

This is a journal of Ben's year in VietNam, 1970. Makes for interesting reading (Ben H Swett - Ellington 1956)

Over the North Pole. (Bill Day, Harlingen 61-09)

The last Norden Bomb Sight Run. (C. O. Smith, Ellington/Mather)

Running Three Star Fix (Chris Neal, 61-09N~68G)

The First Behind the Curtain Story (John Townsend)

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