The list of bases/facilities that trained Navs, BombNavs and Observers

USAF Acadamy,  CO  Navigator Training – from 1955 to 1961 (first three classes received Nav wings upon graduation)

Barksdale AFB, LA  Optical Bombardier Training

Brooks AFB, TX  Navigator Training

Boca Raton Army Airfield, FL  Navigator Training

Big Springs, TX  Optical Bombardier Training

Carlsbad, NM  Optical Bombardier Training

Childress, TX  Optical Bombardier Training

Coral Gables Army Airfield, FL  Navigator Training

Deming, NM  Optical Bombardier Training

Ellington AFB, TX  Navigator/ Basic and Primary Observer Training

Harlingen AFB, TX  Navigator/ Basic Observer Training

Hobbs, NM  Optical Bombardier Training

Hamilton AFB, CA  Navigator/ Optical Bombardier Training

Hondo, Army Air Base, TX  Optical Bombardier Training

James Connally AFB, TX  Navigator/ Optical Bombardier Training/ Basic Observer Training/ Radar Intercept Training

Keesler AFB, MS Electronic Warfare Officers (EWO) during the 50's and 60's

Kelly AFB, TX Navigator Training

Kirtland AFB, NM  Optical Bombardier Training

Lowry AFB, CO  Optical Bombardier Training/Gunnery Officer Training

Mather AFB, CA  Navigator/ Optical Bombardier Training

Midland AFB, TX  Optical Bombardier Training

Pensacola NAS, FL  Navigator Training/ Basic Observer Training

Portland ANGB, OR RIO's in F-89's during the 60's

Randolph AFB, TX  Navigator Training/ Basic Observer Training

Roswell, NM  Optical Bombardier Training

Selman Army Airfield, LA  Navigator Training

Sheppard AFB, TX  Optical Bombardier Training

San Angelo AFB, TX Optical Bombardier Training

San Marcos AFB, TX (renamed Gary AFB, later Edward Gary AFB)  Navigator Training

Turner Army Airfield, GA (became Turner AFB, then Albany NAS)  Navigator Training

Victorville Army Airfield, CA (currently George AFB)  Optical Bombardier Training

Williams AFB, AZ Optical Bombardier Training

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